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Our church, with its wonderful programs and ministry, would not be possible without your generosity. Through the years, the commitment of our members and friends has helped the church to flourish and grow.

The decisions we make about how we use our resources of treasure, time, and talent reflect our principles and values.

brochure_chalice_optWhat is Stewardship ?
At its most basic, it’s how we care for the gifts we have received. It means taking care of our environment, of other people and of ourselves.  Stewardship is about community – using all we have been blessed with wisely and with care.

Does My Pledge Really Matter?
It most certainly does!  First UU has been able to achieve many wonderful goals in the past but we maintain all this only through the giving of members like you – we rely on everybody. Your pledge allows you to take part in living out the church’s vision and mission statements and transforming people’s lives and the world around us. It directly supports the operations of the church, including the salaries for our excellent ministers and staff, funding our religious education and music programs, (and keeping the lights on and the mortgage paid.)

Q: Is there a right amount for each member to give?
A: Many of our members generously give 5% of their adjusted income, or are working towards giving at the 5% level. The per member cost of our budget is about $1,500. As we know some of our members are in financially stretched circumstances, please make your own pledge as generous and realistic as you can. (see Pledge Worksheet).

What are our Expenses?
Every year our members meet in early June and pass a balanced budget. This is our opportunity as members to ensure that our spending is in line with our values and goals.