Rev. Jennifer Brooks - Zest Print
Tuesday, 13 June 2017 00:00

blog jb happydogI love dogs. I admit it freely. It even runs in the family: we call my mother “Dog Woman” (and she gladly accepts the title). Dogs are drawn to her, probably because she always welcomes them. Aren’t people like that, too? Aren’t we drawn to someone who welcomes us, who offers kind words, food, and a soft place to lie down?

My dog Rosie is solar-charged. On a sunny day she stretches out on the grass and offers herself unabashedly to the Sun God.  It’s as if she has a soul-deep knowledge of the wisdom that resonates through her connection with the Earth and sky. People need that, too: the sun’s rays re-stocking our Vitamin D supply, the gentle cradle of the ground; the soft movement of the air. For me, it’s a hammock under the dappled sun-and-shade of the lilacs.

Rosie, like many of us humans, spent a good deal of the winter curled up in soft blankets. She slept late and only grudgingly set foot on icy sidewalks. She didn’t appreciate the uncertain footing or the dangerous snow shovel on the back porch. On this topic we were in complete accord.

But when the door opens to sunlight and squirrels, Rosie leaps off the porch as if she’s been shot out of a cannon, arching over the porch steps and landing with all four legs engaged. She races to the far back as if she’s at last discovered her purpose. And it is, clearly, purpose: the never-ending purpose of playful engagement with life. She trots nose-to-ground so that she doesn’t miss a scent. She cranes her neck to look high into the trees. So much life all around her. And it’s all hers to enjoy.

In June, as we celebrate the beginning of summer with the worship theme of “Zest,” let’s engage life the way a dog does: with a fullness of being, with energy, with appreciation for the blessings that surround us, even in difficult times. Let us find the zest for life that brings a sparkle to the eye, that encourages us to notice and love the world.

Zest. The snow shovel is gone, banished to the garage. Here we are. The Earth is new again, glowing and green. How many days, how many short days, do we have to crane our necks and gaze high into the trees? May we embrace Life with zest and cherish every glorious day that welcomes us.